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Sprig Electric in the CSU Community

Sprig Electric is working hard to continue our presence in the California State University Community! Last year, we presented at CSU Sacramento and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

Our now Associate Project Manager, Bijan Yavair, reflects on his experience at CSU Sacramento below:

On 11/3/2015, Senior Project Manager Jeffrey Messana and myself headed up to California State University Sacramento to guest lecture CM 121 – Introduction to Estimating. Other than recruiting a few students for future Sprig Interns, There were two tasks to accomplish during this trip, educating students of the benefits of working for a specialty contractor and giving the students a real world scenario of an estimate using Accubid Pro. We started off the Lecture with introducing Sprig Electric and the services we provide: Electrical, Low Voltage, Solar, Fire/Life Safety & EV Charging Stations. We then showed the students what makes us unique from the rest of the contractors: Our Core Values, and how important Family is in our company. Following the Lecture we headed to “Riverside 4003”, the room that my fellow students and I spent countless nights preparing for Exams, writing Term Papers, and of course homework. We gave every student a set of drawings, Lighting Submittals, and the proposal letter to a job I am currently starting up and running in the Stanford Campus. The students completed a quantity Take off of the lighting drawings following a walk through in Accubid of us building the fixtures and man loading the job up. As a graduate of the program, I believe these demonstrations are very important to students because they get to see what happens in a live-scenario. Students get to study the books and take the exams but never really get a grasp of what actually happens in the office until they get to that point of their career.
We encouraged students to get internships as soon as possible in their college career. In this industry one of your biggest challenges is to get ahead of the game. Through-out the last two and half years of my college career in Sacramento, I commuted two to three times a week to the Sprig San Jose Office and different jobsites developing my skills as an intern with a goal of being hired on full time as a Project Engineer in an economy that was still recovering. Working at Sprig as an intern also assisted me in my Estimating, MEP, and Scheduling classes giving me more knowledge of the strategies and “tricks” that resulted in completing school assignments more comfortably than others.

-Bijan Yavari

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